Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea also saw overseas Chinese supporting China's "white paper revolution" activities.

(Picture taken from "Ms. Li is not your teacher" Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The "blank paper revolution" was launched in various parts of China because of the fire in Urumqi, which exploded public grievances. It can be seen that there is a crowd of supporters for the "white paper revolution".

According to the "Radio Free Asia" report, the "white paper revolution" broke out overseas in China on November 26. There are 7 stations at the South Exit of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 20 stations, and Asia Pacific.

There are also 18 universities around the world, including Harvard University and Oxford University.

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Overseas "white paper revolutions" are also dissatisfied with the zero-clearing policy of the Chinese authorities. They shouted "Give me freedom or give me death", "Free China", "Xi Jinping step down", "Come on Chinese", etc.

【#白纺运动声风Overseas: Video Collection of Overseas Support for Protesters

in China】Since protests broke out in various parts of China, overseas Chinese and Chinese students have launched solidarity actions around the world.

Radio Free Asia compiled a collection of overseas solidarity videos, please forward them vigorously so that more people can see them.

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