Fishermen of Vizhinjam and other coastal areas have been protesting against the under-construction port for four months.

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Thrissur / Thiruvananthapuram:

Breaking his silence on the recent attack on a police station by anti-port agitators, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday condemned the incident and said such agitations were with "clearly disguised and dastardly intentions" to disturb peace in the society. done with. 

Addressing the passing out parade of the new batch of women police constables here digitally, he said that there were large-scale attacks against the police and public threats to attack the police station, but the police force deftly exposed the intentions of the attackers. Realized it.

The chief minister, however, did not directly mention the local fishermen community protesting against the proposed Vizhinjam port and the Latin Church leading their agitation.

Complimenting the law enforcement officials for handling the issue in a sensitive manner, he said that even after the attack and injuries, a peaceful atmosphere was maintained due to the responsible conduct of the policemen.

Vijayan said, “We have seen that some agitators had resorted to violence with a clear intention to disturb the peace in the society and disrupt the peaceful life of the people.

Under this, attacks were carried out against the police and open threats were made to attack the police station.

He said that it was because of the courageous restraint of the policemen that things did not happen as per the intention of the attackers and the government is aware of this.

Fishermen from Vizhinjam and other coastal areas have been protesting against the under-construction port for four months, leading to violence on 26 and 27 November.

The protesters attacked Vinzhinjam police station on the night of 27 November, in which several policemen were injured.

Fisheries Minister Abdurrahiman said he was not ready to accept the apology tendered by Father Theodasius D'Cruz for making communal remarks against him recently.

D'Cruz is one of the Catholic priests leading the anti-port protests. 

The police have registered a case against him and have made serious allegations including communal polarization in the FIR.

Director General of Police Anil Kant indicated that strict action will be taken in the attack on the police station.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly V D Satheesan alleged that the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government was trying to label the protesters as 'terrorists', which is highly condemnable. 

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