Within an hour, the Russians fired 35 artillery shells from self-propelled guns into the city of Bilopil - they destroyed a hospital, several residential buildings and killed a 15-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle to his yard, TSN reports.  

Heavy shelling in Bilopilla began at eight in the morning - 15-year-old Bohdan was at the bazaar, selling milk, his goddaughter says.

"They started banging and he started to go home, literally he didn't make it a little bit."

Grandma took the children to the cellar, they all buried themselves, and he literally did not make it a little bit," she says.

A boy from a large family, he was the oldest among children, a support for his parents.

A few meters before he reached home on a bicycle, his life was cut short by a Russian projectile.

"There was an assistant, he helped around the house, the cow, the household - everything was on him.

The golden child was, when I saw him, came up.

I recognized him by his jacket (ed.), he only had a red jacket, I realized... there is no face there," says the godmother.

Russian shells exploded near houses and on the streets of the city, 8 houses, an apartment building were destroyed by shrapnel, and 8 cars parked near the hospital were damaged.

The hospital itself was shot at the time when outpatient appointments began and many patients were there.

"Here we have benches on which people are sitting, I also tell them to go quickly and take shelter.

Literally a minute passed and this explosion happened.

Thank God that no one was injured at this place," says the doctor. 

A direct hit by a projectile on the second floor completely destroyed the wall.

Within an hour, when the shelling ended, the doctors came to examine the consequences of the enemy attack and realized that there was nowhere for them to work.

"The dentist's office with expensive equipment was completely destroyed, and our office is in an unusable condition, the dressing room is also damaged," the doctors add.

The chief doctor says that the rest of the departments are in the same condition as the operating room - without a single surviving window.

Damaged X-ray room, surgery, pediatrics and polyclinic.

When the hospital will start working again, it will be known after the examination.

In the meantime, rescuers are sorting through rubble and destroyed structures. 

The hospital will be saved, we are sure here, the most important thing is human lives.

It was possible to protect all patients and doctors in the hospital from Russian shells.

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