On December 1, the Russian occupiers fired at the energy company "DTEK Energo", as a result of which two energy workers were injured.

This was reported by the press service of "DTEK"

"As a result of the enemy attack, two energy workers were injured. They were promptly provided with the necessary assistance and taken to the hospital. There is no threat to life," the statement said.

After the end of the shelling, energy workers will be able to assess the extent of damage to the company's equipment and infrastructure.

At the same time, experts 

will immediately start eliminating the consequences of the attack


"DTEK Energo employees continue to do everything possible to maintain the reliable operation of the Ukrainian energy system in the face of massive enemy attacks," the press service added.

They also informed that over the past two months, Russian troops have attacked

DTEK Energo energy companies

16 times  .

As a result of these attacks

, 24 energy workers were injured, and three more died


There were also casualties among rescuers and employees of contracting organizations.

It will be recalled that the White House warned the day before that Russia will not stop or slow down its attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine, but the intensity of hostilities will decrease in winter.

Due to constant Russian missile attacks, Ukraine will not be able to restore the entire energy system during the winter, said Andriy Gerus, the head of the parliamentary committee on energy and housing.

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