The bus arrival reminder is no longer just an announcement of the station name, Tainan HSR express bus plays the melody of traditional Siraya songs.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] The arrival notification sound in the bus can be very different, it is no longer just broadcasting the name of the station!

The Tainan City Government cooperated with the Siraya Inter-regional Tribal Alliance to convert the traditional Siraya songs into bus arrival reminder music. Starting today (1), it will be played on the H31 and H62 routes of the Tainan High Speed ​​Rail Express Bus, allowing passengers to The people experience the brisk rhythm and feel the melody of traditional songs, and let more people get in touch with Siraya culture from various aspects of life.

Director of Transportation Wang Mingde said that in order to reflect the rich ethnic background of the cultural capital, Mayor Huang Weizhe has spared no effort in promoting the policy of "mainstreaming ethnic groups in Tainan City". Moreover, the Siraya ethnic group is an urban aborigine in Tainan City. The recent name rectification campaign A considerable degree of progress has also been made. In order to let more friends know about this ethnic group, the brisk traditional song "Entrance Song" of the Siraya ethnic group was integrated into the announcement of bus arrival, and the high-speed rail express bus at the gateway of Tainan was first selected for implementation.

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Wang Mingde said that in the past, the Nanshi bus played the arrival voice, which simply reminded the name of the next stop. This is the first attempt to present the notification sound with music. During the ceremony on June 16th of the lunar calendar, the songs sung in the place of worship are brisk, concise and unique.

Wang Mingde said that due to the short distance between bus stops in general urban areas, it is not easy to increase the bus arrival notification sound. In particular, the two high-speed rail express bus routes H31 and H62 were chosen to go online first, and also allow foreign tourists to travel to Tainan by high-speed rail. As soon as you get on the bus, you can immediately feel the strong image of Siraya culture, and there is also the meaning of welcoming tourists to Tainan.

Wu Yuzhi, director of the Public Transport Department, said that the special bus arrival reminder music also has the effect of strengthening the reminder to the public that the bus is about to pass by the station. If the public wants to get off the bus, don't forget to press the bell in advance to remind the bus driver to stop. Experiment with results or other representative music, and promote it to an appropriate route.