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"Another technical means has been provided - sonar, which will be included tomorrow in the operation to search for the two fishermen in the Mandra dam. The equipment has already been installed on the municipal boat. The sonar will be used to survey the bottom of the dam", announced the mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov. BTA reported.

Today, the search operation for the men ended without results.

It involves divers, the teams of the municipality of Burgas, the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, the police, forest officials.

"The boys are working in extremely difficult weather conditions, but the search must continue, regardless of the pessimistic forecasts," Nikolov pointed out.

He called on the owners of modern boats with appropriate sonar equipment to assist the teams involved in the search.

They can call 112 or the duty phones of the Municipality of Burgas - 056 841560 or 056 907218.

The search for the fishermen continues: Doubts are now that the search must be mainly under water

The mayor of the seaside town also stated: On the Internet, I came across comments calling the missing fishermen by all sorts of qualifications.

I would ask those who cannot help to at least be more understanding and sympathetic to the feelings of the loved ones and the efforts of the search teams.

It is about the fate of people and delicacy is the least condition of humanity.

The two fishermen entered the dam on November 27 around 11:00 pm and have been missing ever since.

Their relatives have reported them missing.