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The final revision of the Electoral Code begins.

The item is set as the first item on the parliament's agenda.

The dramatic change in the law that determines how we vote - starts on Friday.

The parliamentary marathon lasted 15 hours.

People's representatives debated the changes in the law until midnight, but in the end no text was voted on.

The most controversial was the return of the paper ballot, the change in the way of counting the results of the machines, and the ideas of closing the Public Council at the CEC and Chuzhbina region.

Stefan Yanev with a comment on the machine code scandal

The revision of the Electoral Code has already caused serious scandals and protests, but the texts have a majority in the plenary hall in the person of GERB

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in DPS

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, benefiting from the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is

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