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Several areas of Greece's second-largest city, Thessaloniki, were left without power, while authorities on the island of Skopelos had to close schools after heavy rainfall overnight in the region, Greek state news agency AMNA reported.

The low-pressure weather system coming from Italy, called Ariel, covered the Greek region of Macedonia, eastern Thessaly, the neighboring Sporades islands and parts of the island of Crete on Wednesday, and the rains are expected to continue on Thursday.

The municipalities of Lagadas, Volvi, Oreokastro, Thermaikos and Thermi are without electricity while teams from the Greek grid operator DEDDIE work to repair the damage.

The power cut also led to a water cut in Thermaikos municipality.

Municipal teams have also been dispatched to remove trees from the streets that fell during the strong storm.

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In Skopelos, the storm damaged the island's helipad, disrupting its operations, and caused damage to the rural road network, while some houses and warehouses were flooded.

Schools remained closed Thursday due to flooding as water seeped through roofs or windows during the heavy rains.


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