The electoral roll is not overturned.

still running smoothly

When the Constitutional Court unanimously voted 9 to 0

that the draft organic law on elections

Section 132 of the Constitution and Section 25 of the Organic Act on the Election of MPs does not contain any statements contrary to or inconsistent with Section 93 and Section 94 of the Constitution.

and a majority vote of 7 to 2

ruled that Section 26 of the Organic Bill on the Election of MPs does not contain any provisions contrary to or inconsistent with Section 93 and Section 94 of the Constitution

It is likely that the amendment to the child law on the election of MPs shall use the calculation method.

list of MPs

(Party list) with the formula divided by 100, not contrary to or inconsistent with the constitution

In short, the election

MPs that will be held next time

Thai people's brothers and sisters.

will use 2 ballot papers and the formula for calculating the party list divided by 100 that has been familiar since the 1940 constitution

The next step would be the process of presenting the body to His Majesty the King.

according to the next step

Estimated that the draft period

The new MP Election Act will come into force around March 2023.

As time passed, it was close to the life expectancy of this government and parliament.

We have seen the outline of the new election rules.

which is conducive to large parties sweeping

Members of the House of Representatives enter the House of Assembly

While smaller parties that have received merit certificates from the formula divided by 500 have a high chance of "extinction".

These SMEs must continue to struggle to survive.

with the dissolution of the party

Or have to abandon the old party to live under the roof of the big party

After this, each party will gradually introduce district candidates.

especially the Pheu Thai Party

who is best at this election game

The other pole is the "Green Line" Bhumjaithai Party, which has been branded as another

"Major's mortal party" must speed up closing jobs for many large houses that are being discussed.

While joining Thais to create a new nation, "Uncle Tu" scaffolding must hurry and complete the draft as soon as possible.

will attract fish in the pond

or friend pond

I have to hurry.

because the rest of the time waits for no one

There will probably be MPs from the Pracharat power.

Or in a democrat that is still agitated, stealthily, gradually opens up to choose a side

For the parties that will become important political equation variables, including

Palang Pracharat, Kao Klong, Democrats

and the rest of the parties.

must hurry to check the name and line up to fit

But for sure with the changed role of

"Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-o

-cha , who today had to stand on his own legs, stop relying on "Big Brother Scaffolding", was already shown.

Ready to cement the reward for those who fight to give their heads to themselves

The old politics they do.

After pickling salt, the name

"Naris Khamnurak"

has been a Democrat quota for a long time.

The script will be signed at once, 3 chairs in a row.

In addition to the name "Naris" became Deputy Minister of Interior

Yang Kiaxia, "Big Brother" before splitting up, set up

"Sunthorn Pansaengthong"

, a kid from Ban Yai Pak Nam, as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

and set up

"Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana", a

former government megaphone

Who fights to offer the head to the Prime Minister Tu, sits in the Minister's Office of the Prime Minister

Whatever it is, "Uncle" took it all by himself.

solar fire