Cat abuser Lin Nan (with his back to the camera) traps the cat with canned cat food, and then pours salt, detergent and toilet cleaner on the cat to vent his anger.

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[Reporter Wang Dingchuan/New Taipei Report] A 27-year-old man surnamed Lin in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City claimed in February this year that he was dissatisfied with the stray cats defecating on the back balcony of his residence for a long time. The agent was poured on the cat to vent its anger, which caused the cat to suffer from pain and jumped to his death from the third floor. After the trial, the New Taipei District Court sentenced Lin Nan to 30 days of detention for violating the Animal Protection Law and fined him 250,000 yuan.

On February 26 this year, some people found the dead body of a stray tabby cat in an alley on Zhonghe Zhongzheng Road. Upon closer inspection, the cat's nose was bleeding and the fur on its body was corroded by strong alkali in many places. Protect the epidemic prevention department.

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The Department of Animal Protection conducted investigations for several days, and the case fell into a stalemate for a while. Later, Lin Nan was found to be very suspicious through the monitor.

According to the investigation by the prosecution, Lin Nan, a software engineer, claimed that he was dissatisfied with the long-term defecation of stray cats on the back balcony of his residence. He first used canned cat food and cat traps to trap cats on the evening of February 22 this year. He was dissatisfied with the cat blowing at him and slapping the cat cage to prevent Lin Nan from approaching. He even poured strong alkaline chemicals such as salt, detergent, and matron dredger on the cat to vent his anger.

According to the investigation by the prosecution, Lin Nan's actions caused the cat's right side skin to completely fall off, nose bleeding, and more than 90% of the head and eyes were burned. The judge reprimanded him for seriously lacking the protection of the rights and interests of respecting the lives of stray animals, and should be criticized, so he made the above judgment.