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Every time the Electoral Code is voted on, such a situation is always reached.

It's nothing we haven't seen before.

It leads to parliamentary chaos, where it is finally understood what the voting procedure is.

This is what Alexander Simov from the BSP said in an interview for "Face to Face".

"We are in a cascade of crises.

There is no panacea in the paper ballot.

Being able to choose machine or paper is an opportunity to get more people to the polls.

With the machines, we solved the problem of invalid ballots, but has the problem of bought and corporate vote solved?

And the machine is not a panacea.

I am glad to see the revolutionary gleam in the eyes of Kiril Petkov, who speaks on the subject.

The topic will not cause a violent public ferment," he predicted.

Final: MPs returned the paper ballot

According to his observations, society is divided on this topic into almost two equal parts.

"To return three more people to the polls is still something.

The problem is that there are political parties that are not worried about the declining voter turnout," Simov added.

Vassilev: From now on, no Bulgarian will be able to vote without filling out the ballot with a pen

According to him, the question of vote manipulations is not decided by the way of voting, but by the state, which can either stop them or not.

"The issue of the bill is not how many more MPs we can get.

Every party, when it thinks about the Electoral Code, it is normal to follow its internal political interests", Alexander Simov also commented.

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