Serhiy Babkin

commented on the further development of his work.

In particular, the artist answered whether he would give up Russian songs and whether he would ever write a composition in this language.

As the musician said, at concerts he performs the tracks that he considers necessary.

Nowadays, he rarely sings songs from the old repertoire, and he does not use Russian-language songs at many concerts.

However, Babkin is not going to give them up completely.

Sergey Babkin / Photo:

"At every concert, I sing what, in my opinion, corresponds to the moment. This year, I really perform much less old songs, at many concerts I don't sing anything in Russian at all. Because that's how I feel, that's what my heart tells me. But in general, from any "I will never give up any of my songs. They are written from the bottom of my heart and reflect who I was at that moment," commented the singer of Channel 24.

Babkin also added that since 2016 he has been writing mostly Ukrainian-language compositions.

However, if he has a song in Russian, he will bring it to life.

Sergey Babkin / Photo:

"Since 2016, ninety percent of my songs have been written in Ukrainian. The album "Muzasfera", which was released in 2018, generally consists exclusively of Ukrainian-language tracks. But if under some conditions in the future I have a song in Russian, I will not be twice to think whether to record it or not. This is freedom. And it is freedom of spirit and will that distinguishes us from our neighbors," the musician added.

We will remind you that Serhii Babkin recently returned from abroad to Ukraine.

The artist

went to his native Kharkiv

, where he gave a concert for the first time since the beginning of the war.

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