Mass rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities may occur less often than now, but they will never stop.

Despite the sanctions, Russia smuggles in many parts necessary for the production of weapons. 

Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political commentator of the "Information Resistance" group, stated this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel on December 1.

He noted that in order for the Ukrainian air defense to not be able to practically destroy all the launched missiles, Russia uses a mass attack. 

"That is, this number of 70-80-90-100 missiles must be launched during such a strike. To accumulate such a number, to reproduce them, to remove them from storage, to restore them, to send them to airfields, to place them on launch pads — all this takes some time.

If we talk about the fact that one day these strikes may stop, no, they will never stop.

Because at least Russia has the opportunity to produce these missiles. Slowly, slowly, but the production is working," said Kovalenko.

The threat of a new missile strike

Since October 10, the Russian army has resorted to massive missile attack on Ukraine.

During this period, the occupiers carried out seven powerful attacks on the energy system of Ukraine.

The authorities and the military are warning Ukrainians about Russia's new preparations for strikes. 

The Air Force reported that the Russian military is launching missiles at Ukraine from 40 airfields located in occupied Crimea, Belarus, and Russia.

The spokesperson of the department believes that Ukraine needs to have long-range weapons in order to stop the missile attacks. 

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