Near Bakhmut, the military advance on the enemy to hold positions.

Enemy artillery is wiping out the city, and the positions of the defenders with an avalanche of fire, and Ukrainian snipers, with the support of aerial reconnaissance and artillery, have learned to destroy the occupiers in devastating counterattacks, TSN reports. 

Several dozen locals survive in the basements of gutted high-rise buildings and in private cellars that have survived.

"You can't withdraw money anywhere, ATMs don't work.

Go to Kostyantynivka?!

Two left and did not return alive," the man says. 

"Three months without electricity or gas!

There is no water anywhere at all!

There somewhere on the street, but how to walk when they are shooting?", - people add. 

Rashists are fighting in the city itself, and most importantly - in the eastern and southern outskirts of Bakhmut, where Ukrainian defenders have been holding defenses for months in a row.

"They are dropping bombs in the center of the city, there is artillery.

Closer to the front there are even more battles.

The barrel artillery was working now," the soldier says.  

Bursts of heavy enemy shells of a wide variety of types resound here with an intensity of several tens per minute.

"A huge advantage in artillery!


That is, eight times, maybe four times, I don't know how to measure it, but they can beat with different calibers for six hours!

Oh yeah!

Just beat," the fighters add.  

It is the multiple advantage in the number of artillery, the Ukrainian military admits, that allows the enemy infantry to conduct assaults on the outskirts of the city. 

Echoes of intense gun battles in the center of Bakhmut reach from Opytny.

It is there, say Ukrainian hunters, that the fiercest shooting confrontations with the enemy continue.

Battles can last for hours.

"For eight hours we are at the point - from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - we have such positional battles going on here," - a serviceman of the 71st OEBr of the Osavul Armed Forces.

When enemy infantry goes on an assault, it is necessary to fight at minimal distances.

"There was a shooting battle there 10 - 15 meters!

Throw a grenade!

We are storming, they are in front of us!

We are storming - they are in our face", - say the fighters. 

Even with quantitatively unfavorable fire schedules, Ukrainian snipers from the "Sapsan" detachment managed to counterattack and effectively destroy the enemy.

"For the last week, my unit has been fighting offensive battles.

We attacked the Orcs", - notes the soldier of the 71st OEBr of the DSHV of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces "Student".

"It was 100-120 meters to the positions, and when we pulled up - we saw them, they saw us, they started throwing grenades, I had a loaded machine gun, it went up and you can say that I already had a close fight," - adds the "Osavul" fighter.

"Osavul" admits that when the group was preparing to go out, they could not even imagine that they would have to fight closer than at close range.

In that fast-moving battle, the fighters of the 71st brigade destroyed about a dozen Rashists and completely destroyed an enemy stronghold near Bakhmut.

"They are without documents, without any identification marks.

I think that it is "Wagner" after all.

It's just that they have "Wagner" or "League", which are experts and professionals.

And there is, they recruit, as it were, convicts, and someone else and they send them into battle, in the first echelon," - says "Inzhener".  

"I will say this: we did not allow them to come closer to us, because we were fighting offensive battles, this does not mean that we have already repelled a kilometer or 10 kilometers there.

With our advancing battles - actions, we did not allow them to knock us out of our old positions", - convinces "Student". 

Many more such battles will have to be fought and won to push the invaders away from the city, the hunters say frankly.

But the enemy, although he has an advantage in artillery and numbers, is gradually expiring.

"You know, it was scary - but ... you can fight with the enemy!

You can beat him!

Moskal came to our land and I don't want my family, my wife there, my grandfather and grandmother to suffer, as my ancestors suffered", - says the "Osavul" fighter. 

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