Today, the fight in Group F of WC-2022 was concluded.

According to website, two more participants of the 1/8 finals have been determined.

Canada, which has officially remained in the group, faced Morocco in a formal match.

The representative of Africa won and qualified for the 1/8 finals as the group leader.

Belgium and Croatia met in the confrontation between the representatives of the "old continent".

Until then, the Balkans, who were the leaders of the group and the last world runners-up, were the next team to qualify for the 1/8 finals by drawing with Belgium, the last world third.

It should be noted that 4 couples of the 1/8 finals had been determined so far.

On December 3, the Netherlands - USA and Argentina - Australia, England - Senegal and France - Poland matches will be held the next day.

Apart from them, Brazil and Portugal also reached the 1/8 finals.

WC-2022, group stage, group


, round III, December 1,


Croatia – Belgium - 0:0


Canada - Morocco - 1:2


Nayef Akredu, 40 (own goal) -

Hakim Ziyesh, 4, Yusif Al-Nasiri, 23