Ke Zhien reiterated that she will stay in Kaohsiung. The next KMT mayor vote will start from 40%, but to be elected mayor, the KMT must first capture 2 or 3 seats of legislators! (Photographed by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] The Kuomintang Kaohsiung City Thanksgiving Tea Party was held today. The party chairman Zhu Lilun personally participated. Ke Zhien, who lost the challenge to the mayor of Kaohsiung, reiterated that she would stay in Kaohsiung. The Kuomintang has to capture 2 or 3 legislators first!

The Kuomintang won an overwhelming victory in the county and mayor this year. This morning at 10:30 in the auditorium on the 6th floor of the city party headquarters, a Kaohsiung City Thanksgiving Tea Party was held, including the party chairman Zhu Lilun, the executive director of the think tank who challenged the Kaohsiung mayor, Ke Zhien, and the chairman of the organizing committee Xu Yuzhen 2,300 people including Xu Fuming from Gaoshi Party Headquarters attended, crowding the scene.

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Xu Fuming pointed out that everyone worked very hard in this election campaign. Although the result was not satisfactory, Kaohsiung was not turned over and the blue sky was reappeared. However, under difficult conditions, Ke Zhien was honored to lose, and everyone encouraged her to stay.

Ke Zhien emphasized that she is probably the only candidate in the country who hopes to extend the election campaign for one month. She lamented that this election campaign has no contacts and no money. Recover the cohesion of the Kuomintang, replenish blood for the Kuomintang, and raise 25% of the votes in the by-election.

In the end, the Kuomintang members won 29 seats and the DPP 27 seats. "We have defended the parliament." I also thank the members for their unwavering determination and support for her. We are forever partners in the revolution.

Ke Zhien also revealed a secret. Two days ago, a Pingtung official told her, "You caused me to lose a lot", because Ke Zhien lost 430,000 yuan at the Kaohsiung gambling table, causing him to lose hundreds of millions of yuan.

Ke Zhien said that this tells everyone how unpopular she is.

But she doesn't like that although defeat is glorious, she won't be afraid of defeat.

"I will stay in Kaohsiung." Ke Zhien emphasized that this time all the focus is on the central and northern regions, which is unfair to Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Chiayi. If she returns to Taipei after getting 40% of the votes this time, the KMT will not have to play !

This is the courage of the Kuomintang women. When you make a promise, you must persevere no matter how hard you work. "No matter who is elected in the future, the Kuomintang will start with 40% of the votes!"

Ke Zhien reiterated that "you will see me at any time!" But to be elected mayor, the KMT must first capture 2 or 3 seats of legislators. After 4 years, no matter who assumes this role, they must uphold unity, but she "still hopes that there will be more Development, and younger people will do it!" In the past four years, she will start from herself. In the future, everyone will see her in remote villages, schools, and groups in Kaohsiung. She will ride motorcycles, bicycles, and rides. bus.

Ke Zhien was warmly welcomed by supporters.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)