In the second reading, the Verkhovna Rada supported No. 7441-1, which provides for the write-off of loans for housing and cars that were damaged or destroyed during the war.

People's deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak reported this.

Suspension of loan payments

Individual borrowers of loans for movable/immovable property, which due to the war:

  • ended up in temporarily occupied territory or in the territory of active hostilities

  • damaged or destroyed as a result of military operations, in the presence of supporting documents, the creditor may receive a suspension of loan payments.

Housing loan write-off

Borrowers who:

  • real estate destroyed as a result of the war.

During the second reading, restrictions on the area of ​​real estate (apartment, residential building) were removed.

But it must be the sole residence of the borrower's family as of February 23, 2022;

  • as of February 23, there is no overdue debt under this contract;

  • the purpose of obtaining a loan according to the contract is the purchase, reconstruction or construction of such real estate, or the purchase of such a car.

In this case, the creditor receives the right to compensation to the citizens of Ukraine for the property destroyed as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

The amount of such compensation cannot exceed the principal amount of the borrower's loan.

Other losses of the creditor, such as unearned interest, are lost profits and may be compensated in accordance with the law at the expense of the aggressor state.

Car loans

Debt cancellation is possible for:

  • destroyed cars, the restrictions on the engine were also removed during the second reading.

    But as of February 23, 2022, it must be the only car in the borrower's family;

  • as of February 23, 2022, the debt under such a contract was not overdue for more than 7 days;

"The deadline for submitting applications is the period of martial law in Ukraine + 3 months after the day of its termination. For each case, borrowers must at one point or another provide the creditor with supporting documents," said the People's Deputy.


the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Council draft laws on the new procedure for customs clearance of cars.

We will remind you that in 


, Ukrainians take out loans more and more often - mostly for housing.

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