In Belarus, Russian soldiers escaped from a training ground near the city of Baranovichi.

The military police are already looking for them. 

This was reported by the Belarusian Telegram channel "Motorolko Pomogy". 

According to Belarusian activists, 3-4 Russian conscripts escaped from the training ground near Baranovichi.

One of the occupants had a Kalashnikov assault rifle with him. 

Other soldiers of the occupation army confirmed the incident.

They said that the name of one of the fugitives was Maxim.

On November 30, Russians were seen 20 kilometers from the training ground, near Baranovichi.

Military police are currently in the Belarusian city looking for mobilized Russians. 

Details of the incident are not disclosed. 

The role of Belarus in the war against Ukraine 

On February 24, the Russian army of occupation moved from the territory of Belarus to Kyiv.

This state is actively helping Russia in the war against Ukraine: it hosts the occupiers, provides military weapons.

In addition, Belarus has Russian missile systems, from which the invaders are actively shelling Ukraine. 

Military expert, participant of peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Iraq Serhiy Grabskyi believes that the so-called air and space grouping of the joint forces of Belarus and Russia is strengthening, which may pose a threat to the northern regions of Ukraine.

But there is no talk of an offensive yet. 

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