Xu Shumin overcomes fate and loves to sing.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

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25-year-old Xu Shumin from Huiming School for the Blind suffered a lot of fate. She was born with multiple visual impairments. She was blind in both eyes and had limited cognitive ability. Her father died of liver cirrhosis in 2013, and her mother died of kidney failure in 2018. Her sister died after her mother passed away. The next day, he left with his mother, leaving only his aunt as a relative.

Xu Shumin loves singing. She overcame her innate obstacles and gradually improved her language, cognition, and vocal music. In 2019, she obtained a license to sing as a street performer.

On the 3rd, she will hold her first personal concert in the Qingshui service area of ​​the National Highway. She will sing 6 songs including Han Hong's "It's Dawn" to heal herself with bel canto and encourage the audience to face life with optimism.

Xu Shumin was sent to Huiming School for the Blind when she was 6 years old. She had limited language and cognition since she was a child, and she was depressed and taciturn. But when she was 10 years old, she sang once, which amazed the teachers and students, and she was also arranged to join the orchestra for practice.

Mao Shufen, the executive director of Huiming School for the Blind, said that Xu Shumin was not very good at speaking when he first came, because of multiple obstacles. When he was in the fifth grade, he began to speak, and his voice was very soft, and he gradually became the lead singer of the band.

When her father was in the terminal stage of liver cancer, he was invited to school to listen to Xu Shumin's singing. Seeing many people in the audience were moved to tears, her father was very pleased.

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Xu Shumin lost her relatives and became an orphan, even her sister left her. In addition to the quiet darkness, her life was accompanied by more melancholy. In the trough of bereavement, she opened a new window through singing and healing. With two braids tied, like a cute little girl, she sang with a smile, "I saw my parents walking away like this, leaving me in this strange world. I don't know what risks there will be in the future. I want to hold on Grabbing his hand, my mother told me that I hope there will be more. When I saw the sun come out, my mother smiled, and it was dawn." Just singing a cappella, the penetrating power of the singing is moving.

I often tell others that I want to hold a concert.

Lin Huacan, Section Chief of the Business Group of the High Public Security Bureau, said that he has served as an adoptee of the Huiming School for the Blind for 23 years and has seen countless touching stories.

But at the beginning of this year, he heard Shu Min's singing and burst into tears. The Gaogong Bureau also cooperated with Xindongyang Company to arrange a "Better Tomorrow" in the Qingshui service area at 10 am on December 3, Xu Shumin's solo concert.

Xu Shumin said in an interview today that he is very happy to sing. Apart from holding a personal concert, he also hopes that he can sing on TV shows for everyone to listen to.

Xu Shumin will hold a dream come true concert.

(Photographed by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)