On November 30, a 15-year-old boy, Bohdan Dordyk, died as a result of Russian shelling in the city of Bilopylla, Sumy Oblast.

The details of the tragedy were reported by the head of the Sumy OVA, Dmytro Zhivytskyi.

According to him, yesterday morning the Russians shelled Bilopil.

It was at that time that Bohdan was returning home on a bicycle.

"Literally 5 meters from the boy's house, an enemy shrapnel overtook him. One of the Russian shells exploded near the child. Bohdan died on the spot. He had no chance of survival," Zhivytskyi said.

The boy's godmother says that Bohdan was an indispensable household helper for the family.

In addition to him, the family has three younger children.

According to her, the teenager went to get milk that morning.

"They started banging, and he was driving home. Grandma took the younger children to the grave, they were all buried, but he didn't have time. The golden child was there. Everything was destroyed - there was no face, nothing. The back was completely destroyed," says the woman.

We will remind you that on November 30, Russians from self-propelled guns shelled Bilopol' in the Sumy Oblast.

As a result, a 15-year-old boy died and the medical facility was destroyed.

Shelling in Sumy Oblast

Despite the fact that there are no hostilities in Sumy Oblast, the region constantly suffers from devastating Russian shelling.

The Russians are shelling Ukrainian border towns and villages with artillery from their territory.

Enemy "arrivals" are recorded almost every day.

So, just in the past day, Russian troops fired 110 shells and mines along the border of the Sumy region.

Also, on November 30, 

in the Sumy region, a combine exploded on an enemy mine


And on November 29, the occupiers shelled the Vorozhbyansk community in the Sumy region.

30 "arrivals" were recorded on two streets.

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