The Armed Forces of the Luhansk Region are moving forward little by little in the direction of Svatovo and Kreminnaya, but every meter of ground is very difficult due to the significant forces of the enemy.

Serhiy Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk OVA, wrote about this on the Web and spoke on the air of the telethon on December 1.


We are already not far from Kreminnaya. Literally several kilometers

," the post of the head of the region reads.

He also clarified what he meant.

"As for Svatovo and Kreminnaya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly advancing there. We recently published a video from the Kremin substation, which was destroyed by the Russian occupiers. To understand, it is located literally a few kilometers from the settlement itself," Gaidai said.


Every meter of land is given very hard

, because a huge amount of equipment was brought there by the occupiers. They had time to prepare, to mine roads, bridges, buildings, and forest strips. Some fortifications were built. A huge number of armed forces, there are various units :

both the Kadyrovites, and "LPR", "DNR", and newly mobilized from Russia, and the so-called Wagnerites

," the head of the OVA described the situation.

He added that the most capable Russian occupiers - paratroopers from the Kherson direction - are in the Starobilsk region.

It will be recalled that Gaidai previously also informed that the enemy troops near Svatovo and Kreminnaya are defending themselves: "We are waiting for frost to strengthen the offensive of the Armed Forces."

We should add that the Armed Forces of Ukraine recently targeted the location of one of the units of Russian troops in the Svatovo area: 20 occupants were eliminated, and another 30 were wounded.  

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