The CHAIRMAN of CCM Dar es Salaam Region, Abbas Mtemvu has said he does not want factions, corruption or discord in Dar es Salaam Region and asked all members of the party to break their factions.

Mtevu said this today, December 2022, when he was handed over to the Dar es Salaam Region CCM office.

Mtevu won with 444 votes in the recently held election and defeated the outgoing Chairman, Mama Kate Kamba who got 160 votes.

Mtevu has said that his first task is to restore solidarity, to restore hope to people who say they are bad.

"Some people used to say that the Mtevu people are bad, we want to show them that we are not bad, what we want is unity and solidarity, Dar es Salaam is full of conflicts, I don't like to see you fighting.

"The election is over, break up the groups, we are all one thing, there is no point in arguing, and those who continue conflicts we will shut down, and don't run to the forest and stay here as a warning to each other.

"And those who are found to be taking bribes, we will lock them up, we want a clean Dar, and if I lock you up, no one will open it for you." He said

In addition, Mtevu said he did not expect to win by a landslide and thanked the members of CCM Dar es Salaam for electing him.

"I got 440 votes, I knew I would win, but I didn't know if I would win by a landslide, I knew I would win because of the teams I was fighting with, I knew I would win, but not with so many goals...;

"Every time I sit I think what I will do for CCM Dar es Salaam."

On the part of the Vice Chairman of Wazazi Region of Dar es Salaam, Khadija Ally has thanked the members for trusting her and giving her yes votes.

Khadija has also requested the cooperation of all the members and leaders of the Dar es Salaam region in implementing the CCM manifesto.

He has said that in elections, factions are inevitable, but later they end after the elections are over and become united to build and strengthen the Party.

He said that their main responsibility as elected leaders is to unite all groups, considering that the elections are within the party, they tend to organize themselves and not compete and that unity, solidarity among members is the strong pillar