A 72-year-old woman almost killed her bed neighbor in the intensive care unit of a Mannheim hospital.

The elderly woman is in custody because she turned off a 79-year-old man's oxygen machine so he could sleep.

The elderly man was dependent on mechanical oxygen supply, the police in the city reported.

However, on Tuesday and Wednesday night, the accused turned off the device twice, as the noise annoyed her, BTV reported.

A patient with COVID-19 killed a neighbor in a hospital bed

After the first interruption of oxygen, the hospital staff responded immediately.

The nurse on shift made a remark to the patient, stressing that such behavior on her part could endanger the life of her bed neighbor. 

However, an hour later, she turned off the device again.

This led to emergency resuscitation of the 79-year-old man.

His life is currently out of danger, but he remains on a ventilator in the hospital's intensive care unit.

The elderly patient is suspected of attempted manslaughter.

Today she was transferred to the custody and brought before the magistrates.

The woman will probably be placed in a correctional facility, the prosecutor's office said.

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