Lawrence Friedman, a professor of military studies at King's College London, believes that the threat of losing Crimea and the superiority of the Ukrainian military in land battles will signal Putin's defeat. 

This opinion was shared by a military historian from Britain in a column for HB.

"Dictator Vladimir Putin regularly talks about the Ukrainian threat to Crimea, in particular, its ability to cut off the water supply to the peninsula. In October, he expressed outrage at the sabotage of the Kerch Bridge, which connects it to the mainland. This suggests that in order to force Putin to seriously negotiate, it may be necessary to put Crimea at risk," he believes.

According to the professor, Western partners warn Ukraine against turning Crimea into a military priority, as this could lead to nuclear escalation, as the peninsula is very important for the Kremlin's master.  

"In time, Russia may be able to rebuild its army, although it should be noted that this army, so degraded and depleted this year, was created under favorable economic conditions. In the short term, there are practical limits to what can be achieved, although it may happen only after the newly created units go to war in the spring," he writes. 

Friedman suggests that Russia is 

undermanned and has weapons problems. 

 Meanwhile, losing on the battlefield, the Russian Federation continues to terrorize the civilian population in order to force Kyiv to make concessions.

"But there is no hint that missile attacks can change anything, except for strengthening Ukraine's determination to liberate its territory," the historian is convinced. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the occupiers are preparing to surrender the left bank of the Kherson region.

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