cut lotus leaves

What is it like with the relationship between brothers and sisters for more than half a century?

As of today, "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and big brother like "Uncle Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Pracharath Party.

There is still a light bond left to hold on to hold the queue to break apart for a while.

The latest cabinet adjustment

The middle quota and the empty seat of Palang Pracharat "Big Tu" nominated a dear younger brother like "Dr. Dax" Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, who had just been a Palang Pracharat party-list MP, upgraded to be a minister. Office of the Prime Minister

As for the other 1 chair, "Sunthorn Pansaengthong", people in the network

"Ban Yai Paknam" of "Asavahem Group" received a quota as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, as "Uncle Pom" had promised.

The younger uncle still maintains the formula "one and a half" with the big brother when they have to look at each other to stick to each other. Must continue to "battle between love"

A friendly war erupted within.

under brother-sister relationship

trying to recite

“Cut dead wood and sell without breaking”

with situations where many things begin to become clear

In addition to separating the elder party – the younger camp

The election rules have already passed through the constitutional court checkpoint.

Only that the formula for dividing 100 party-list MPs

that are the rules that enter the way

"Big Brother Party" and a secret deal across the pole with the camp in the network "Uncle Tony, a person from afar", on the other hand, there are still guru to keep an eye on.

Strategist, hundreds of tricky games, "Big Tu" wouldn't let go easily.

If you lose the battle, you won't fight.

If the battle must be won

Trapped in the way, may have a complicated plan, even do not underestimate the game "dissolution of the party"

Thrilling knot, there are many camps of risks

even Big Brother's party

Pracharat power also has outstanding issues in the Election Commission.

with donations from

"Gray Dragon Capital" to suppress Chinese dragon gangs

that shoots many birds with one bullet

Both get pictures and get points.

He took revenge and buried the puppet, defeating the "Rebellion of the Captain"

And be careful of the fallout, from just threatening me, it's time that it may spread to the camp.

PPP is possible.

It's about the forest team.

have to find a way to solve the solution

Dismantled the game invasion at the battle line of the Election Commission.

At the same time, on the side of the big brother uncle's team, yes, today, in addition to solving the game of holding power.

Bring in the troops to fill in the gaps.

On the other hand, it is said that there is a different situation in line with the "secret deal" with the opposition of Pheu Thai.

Started to see the queue "Su Ye" spinning the game "Hua" elections

Political veteran gives multi-area x-rays

Especially in the northern and central regions, many provinces have not yet cleared the issue of announcing candidates.

It is said that there is a "Mr. P" in the Pheu Thai camp.

that made a move away from the party

went on business for a while

But today there is news coming back to manage

get people to vote

link to special deal queue with

"Celebrity Captain" who crouched down to escape the monsoon operation to suppress the Gray Dragon Gang who entered the camp of the boss was opposed.

Will return to the party with Uncle Ban Pa

Just showing the name is flooded.

Low dodge but still effective

Join to change the player switcher.

Until the turbulence in both camps

Special deal of 2 special people, sends a signal to avoid organizing "hard body", opening the way for each other

while some areas where the camps cannot be invaded

Let the other party penetrate

Both parties borrow each other's noses to breathe.

Hua game that doesn't know that it's been knocked from

“Board of the Shin Clan.” Does the Grandmaster of the distant land know?

While the forest team

If this queue is true, it is considered to be in the plan.

share points for Thailand

come to support the situation of bleeding out

Still aiming to spin points to hit the target as a "variable" party with high bargaining power

Will hold hands with the network of people far away

It's good to walk smoothly.

But if clearing the brothers and sisters perfectly

turned over again

Let's join hands and enter into power together again.

It's a formula that must end with negotiations.

After knowing the score, get the numbers from the election field.

political news team