Russian dictator Vladimir Putin fears that his authority may be undermined by the excessive political activity of the owner of PMK "Wagner" Evgeny Prigozhin.

That is why the information that the oligarch during his imprisonment in the colony entered into homosexual relations with other convicts and belonged to the caste of the so-called "downcast" is now being actively "dispersed".

A former employee of the KGB of the USSR and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Serhii Zhirnov, told about this, informs "Apostrophe".

"It was he who introduced criminal jargon into the vocabulary of the highest state authorities, by the way. Now Prigozhin has pushed old Putin into the background, as if he can't do anything anymore," he said.

Zhirnov emphasized that the "rejection" against Prigozhin is really serious, because he builds his authority precisely on his criminal "authority. While the "rejectionists" are generally considered untouchables in the Russian Federation.

At the age of 18, Prigozhin went to prison.

In 1981, he was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment under the articles of "theft", "robbery", "fraud", "involvement of a minor in criminal activity".

In 1988, he was pardoned and in 1990 he left the settlement colony

It is noted that it is young and inexperienced persons who become the objects of harassment by criminals, "thieves in law".

"This whole story will not destroy Prigozhin's political authority at all, but in the criminal environment he may enjoy less support. Of course, he can organize a refutation, say that all this is "order", and do it beautifully. Putin needs a "Wagnerian" bonza to add centers of influence against the security forces that surround Putin and claim power, but the dictator does not need a too strong Prigozhin," said Serhii Zhirnov.

An ex-KGB official believes that this is why Prigozhin was forced to confess that he created the "Wagner" PMC.

In addition, the oligarch admitted meddling in the US elections, for which he was included in the sanctions list.

The Kremlin wants to obtain classified information on a dangerous associate of Putin in order to keep him in submission.

"It is possible that someone organized the sledgehammer murder to bring Prigozhin under the article and keep him in submission. There are no "pure" people in power: there is always an opportunity to put pressure on them," concluded the former official.

Scandal with Prigozhin: "lowered" and "rooster"

We will remind you that recently the Russian criminal authority "Sasha Kurara" recorded a video message in which he said that he was imprisoned together with Prigozhin.

Curara claims that Prigozhin occupied the lowest place in the prison hierarchy, that is, he was what in prison slang is called "down".

In addition, the current oligarch engaged in homosexual relations in a passive state with other prisoners, that is, he was a so-called "rooster".

"Prygozhin is a pi***s in the full sense of the word. Prigozhin is an offended person who had his place and knew his place, and accepted it. And now you, who go to this PMC "Wagner", stand under the banner of pi ***sa, you are commanded by the pi***s and you equate yourself with the pi***s. Not even what you equate - you become lower than the pi***s," Kurara said.

Councilor Oleksiy Arestovych believes that the publication of such scandalous information can be beneficial to someone in Russia.

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