"Victoria is an example of a mother who created trusting relationships with both her own and adopted children"

Yulia Mickevich

, co-founder of the Coordinating Council's "Fem-group"

, worries that the authorities continue to put pressure on parents with many children.

And that they can start the procedure of recognizing the condition of children as socially dangerous.

Fem-activist notes that, on the one hand, by awarding Victoria "chemistry", the authorities show how she cares for the mother of many children, for her family.

"And on the other hand, all mechanisms of intimidation, pressure, real repression are used against her.

There have already been fines and denunciations.

Now Victoria will be frightened by the so-called "SNS" - the "socially dangerous situation" in which her children allegedly found themselves.

And "SNS" is a powerful enough instrument of fear for mothers - not for themselves, of course, but for their children.

Victoria is just an example of a mother who created very trusting relationships with her own and adopted children, arranged home education for children, founded the "Free School" project.

And now I'm talking about it and I'm worried that my comment will hurt her.

On the other hand, we really want to support Vika so that such facts are not hushed up, so that people know about the methods used by the authorities," says Yuliya Mickevich.

"Now, in general, mothers have been taken away from the family.

Who did they punish?


A family friend, who wished to remain anonymous, is very concerned about the emotional state of Victoria's children.

She does not overstate the firmness and strength of spirit of the woman herself.

"I am least worried about household problems, how my husband and children will cope without their mother with cooking, washing, cleaning.

Children are not small anymore, they have worked out all these questions, there is an algorithm of actions: each of the children knows his role, his tasks.

But I am very worried about the emotional state of the children.

I will not be surprised if adult "uncles and aunts" from the control bodies come with another inspection and will look into the pans and the refrigerator, assess whether the house is in order."

The interlocutor says that Victoria's family was simply tortured by checks.

They check whether every penny received for children from the state is used purposefully.

At the same time, the mother is fined almost a thousand rubles for some repost in a non-existent chat.

"And now, in general, the mother was taken away from the family.

Who did they punish?


Vika will survive, but why hurt the children?

Cynicism just goes off the scale," the woman indignantly says.

"Vika is an indomitable Belarusian goddess and a soldier of freedom"

Another friend of Victoria, poet, journalist

Valerina Kustova

wrote on her Facebook page:

"When I was studying at school, I went to the first wedding in my life - it was the wedding of Victoria Onakhova-Zhuraulyova.

Even then, Vika was principled, sharp, emotional, extremely fair.

Over the years, all this only intensified in her.

And today, Vika, a mother of 13 children, was sent to the intensive care unit for allegedly violating the home "chemistry" schedule (she had a three-year term).

Will not be broken.

But how to embrace her now across countries and bars?

Vika is an indomitable Belarusian goddess and a soldier of freedom.

I know this for sure.

Vika will endure.

But how to breathe is again not very clear...", writes Valerina Kustava.

Who are the Onakhov-Zhuravlyov family

Together with her husband, Victoria Onakhava-Zhuraulyova is raising 13 children, 9 of whom are adopted.

They live in the small town of Pruzhany.

They tried to actively engage in public activities, they wanted to solve social and urban problems.

The city authorities did not like the criticism too much.

After the 2020 elections, the mother of many children publicly expressed her decision to transfer her children to an individual education plan.

Victoria found like-minded people and created the educational project "Free School".

The family was subjected to numerous checks, control bodies checked the "target use" of every ruble.

In February 2021, a denunciation was written against a large family, in which some "vigilant" citizen from Ivacevichi informed the law enforcement officers about people (meaning Victoria's family. — Ed.) "hostile to the existing state system."

The whistleblower also suggested that Victoria's children "are being brought up with a destructive, anti-state orientation," and expressed doubts about the advisability of handing over children for upbringing to parents like Victoria and her husband.

After this denunciation, the family was called to the police station for "preventive interviews".

Last year in August, security forces came to search the house.

They took away tablets, phones, a GoPro camera, other office equipment, and described the property.

Allegedly, in August 2020, in a now defunct Telegram chat, Victoria left a comment under a repost of an article about

Gennady Shutov from Brest.

On March 29, 2022, the court of the Pruzhan district sentenced Viktoria Onakhava-Zhuravlyova to 3 years of "home chemistry" according to Part 2 of Art.

367 of the Criminal Code "Defamation against the President of the Republic of Belarus".

In August, Viktoria Onakhova-Zhuravlyova was sentenced to 30 basic fines (960 rubles) for a link to an "extremist" resource posted on her pages in social networks two years ago (the resource was not yet recognized as extremist at that time).

On November 29, Victoria was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for violating the conditions of home chemistry.