On November 30, the Ministry of Defense reported that the second stage of the "planned verification of credentials of conscripts" has begun in Belarus.

The first stage was at enterprises, the second - directly at military commissariats and village councils.

According to the information of the ministry, 70% of conscripts have already taken part in "events on data reconciliation".

Freedom sources reported that on November 30 in Gomla, students of the Belarusian State University of Transport were recruited to work at the military commissariat.

"Apparently, there is a lot of work and the commissariat itself does not give advice.

Students fill out tables, write summonses.

There are a lot of calls.

Previously, there was no such thing as involving students to work in the commissariat," the source said.

She drew attention to the fact that, in addition to students, the commissariat had many people who passed the commission.

"It's surprising, because the fall draft is long over," the source added.

As Svaboda learned, men of military age are now being summoned to village councils.

There they ask questions about the state of health, as well as current contacts - phone number and address of permanent residence.

Belarusians are summoned to military commissariats.

Current addresses are also checked there.

But not only.

"On Tuesday, my sister's brother was summoned," said another source.

- This is the city of Yanov (Ivanova).

Brest region.

At the entrance to the commissariat, everyone's phones were taken away.

They copied all the information - passport numbers, driver's licenses, phone numbers."

Readers of Svoboda tell us that inspections usually take a little time.

The men are sent home almost immediately without further instructions.

"My husband received a summons to appear at the commissariat," says the Svoboda reader.

- Height, weight, clothing size, marital status, place of work, phone number and everything were specified, they were released.

It took about 5 minutes.


On November 30, ByPol ​​reported that summons to the commissariat via SMS will soon be legalized.

"Also, we know for sure that in the near future there will be an additional check of citizens who have been deferred from conscription due to health conditions.

They will be checked through repeated medical commissions, which will be given the command to reduce the number of postponements to a minimum," ByPol ​​reported.

SMS distribution from commissariats has already started.

The Svoboda editorial office has a copy of the message received by a resident of Minsk.

In it, the military commissariat of the Frunzen district invites the man to visit the institution "to clarify the information."

The Ministry of Defense insists that all measures to clarify the information of conscripted citizens are planned and do not mean a quick announcement of mobilization.

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