"The estimate used, according to external sources, was for (all) losses, i.e. both killed and wounded, and was intended to show Russia's brutality,"

Dana Spinant

wrote on Twitter.


Ursula von der Leyen

, in a video posted on the European Commission's Twitter account, reported that 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 20,000 civilians died as a result of the Russian invasion.

After some time, the press service of the European Commission published a new video without information about losses.

  • The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA, General

    Mark Milley

    , said on November 10 that Russia's losses in the war amount to at least 100,000 killed and wounded.

    According to Mili, it is likely that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered similar losses.

    In addition, he said that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, about 40,000 civilians have died.

  • As of November 27, the UN has confirmed 6,655 dead and 10,368 wounded Ukrainian civilians as a result of the Russian invasion.

    At the same time, the organization constantly emphasizes that the real number of dead is much higher, because the arrival of information from some places where intense fighting is taking place is delayed, and many reports still require confirmation.

  • The authorities of Ukraine do not publish accurate information about losses among Ukrainian soldiers in the war.

    In August, about 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in the war with Russia.

  • On June 10, the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine

    , Oleksiy Arastovich

    , stated that, according to his estimation, up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died since the start of hostilities.

  • Before that, Ukrainian President

    Volodymyr Zelensk

    said that in the war started by Russia in Ukraine, 60-100 Ukrainian soldiers die every day, and another 500 are injured.