Russia is trying to turn off the electricity and heating this winter.

And it has already been proven that Russian forces were involved in various war crimes during these more than nine months.

There is no doubt about these facts.

This was stated by US Ambassador to the OSCE Mike Carpenter during an online briefing.

Regarding the reluctance of the United States to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, the diplomat recalled that the Biden Administration had already emphasized that, unlike other European states, the United States has very specific domestic legislation regarding state sponsors of terrorism.

"And we believe that the use of this legislation could limit the provision of aid to the occupied territories of Ukraine. Furthermore, we do not believe that being recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism under this very technical narrow definition that is contained in our domestic legislation will necessarily further our goals, in particular to hold Russia accountable. Because that would not necessarily give us any additional authority to implement the sanctions that are currently available to the Biden Administration," Mike Carpenter said.

Therefore, according to Carpenter, the United States will increase sanctions pressure on Russia, continue to expand export controls to make it impossible to circumvent the already existing sanctions, and provide Ukraine with all the necessary means to defend itself against this barbaric invasion.  

Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism 

The European Parliament recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The resolution was supported by 494 MEPs, 58 were against, and 44 abstained.

President Zelensky thanked for this decision. 

"The European Parliament strongly condemns the war crimes and acts of terror against the civilian population committed by the Russian Federation and its accomplices in order to achieve destructive political goals in Ukraine and on the territory of other countries, and recognizes Russia as a state that sponsors terrorism and as a state that uses terrorist means," the document says.

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