Petrozavodsk resident Iryna Chistyakova said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Serhiy Shoigu are not doing anything to return soldiers from Ukrainian captivity.

The woman said this at the briefing of the Council of Mothers and Wives of Servicemen.

For several months, Chistyakova

was looking for her son Kirill, who was captured

while fighting against Ukraine.

According to the woman, the Russian Ministry of Defense did not help her in any way in the search.

"I did everything myself: found, proved (that he is alive - ed.). Because he is my son, and I need

him. Putin does not need him, Shoigu does not need him. They are sitting, they are warm! They are not in the trenches

and not in prison for 8 months in Ukraine! With the Nazis, as they say. The question is, why do our prisoners turn out normal with the Nazis? Maybe you are not arranging something for us and there are no Nazis at all?"

- said the mother of a Russian prisoner in a speech.

She added that the

Ukrainian authorities actually saved her son's life


Even at the beginning of the war, Chistyakov was called by the SBU and offered help in finding Kirill.

The woman admitted that she refused help because she was afraid of repression in the Russian Federation.

"Are we cattle or what?

We didn't give birth to our children so that someone would solve our problems! Don't make us mothers angry. Give us our children back," Chistyakovi said, addressing the leadership of her state.

It should be noted that in November, the publication "Vazhnye istorii" wrote about Chistyakova's son.

It was reported that the boy was called up for conscription in October 2021 and sent to the military unit in Luz.

At the end of December, the command misled Kirill and forced him to sign a contract.

In February, Kyrylo found himself at war against Ukraine, and a month later he was missing.

The fighter's mother went to search for him on her own

- first to occupied Donetsk, and then to Rostov-on-Don, but she could not find her son.

Only a few days ago, the woman received information that Kyrylo was in captivity.

We will remind you that in Russia, a group of mothers of conscripts and conscript soldiers wrote an open letter demanding that the authorities withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine and return all soldiers home.

It should be noted that the mothers and wives of the Russians mobilized from Sakhalin will be sent to the occupied Donbas to "monitor the level of security" of the occupying army.

Everything was organized at the expense of Putin's United Russia party. 

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