"According to the economic block, evidence of the crime of tax evasion in the amount of more than 3 million rubles was obtained.

What is remarkable is that the defendants compensated the damage caused in full," said the chairman of the Investigative Committee, quoted by Reform.by.

The investigation into the TUT.by case has been ongoing since May of last year.

Now the editor-in-chief

Maria Zolatova

and general director of "Here Buy Media"

Lyudmila Chekina

remain in custody .

They were included in the list of "persons related to terrorist activities".

Journalists are also accused of non-payment of taxes according to "extremist" articles.

About the persecution of Tut.by

  • On May 18, the editor's office was blocked for publishing "information prohibited by law", the FIU officers came there.

    Later, the agency reported that a criminal case had been opened against the officials for tax evasion in a particularly large amount.

    According to law enforcement officials, a resident of the Park of High Technologies received income that was not determined by the activities allowed for residents.

  • A total of 15 people were detained in the case: managers, journalists and other staff of the media portal Tut.by (Lyudmila Chekina, Marina Zolatova, Olga Loika, Iryna Rybalka, Alena Talkachova, Angela Asad, Maria Novik, Alla Lopatka, Alexander Daineka, Andrey Avdeev, Dar Danilova, Ekaterina Tkachenko and Iryna Kostyuchenko), as well as the general director of Hoster.by Siarhei Pavlishov (released on September 1) and the widow of Tut.by's founder Yuliya Cherniavskaya.

    Human rights activists recognized them as political prisoners.

  • The widow of the portal's founder, Yury Ziser, Yulia Charniauskaya is currently under house arrest, two days after her arrest nothing was known about her, she suffered a hypertensive crisis and was hospitalized for some time.

  • The Tut.by site itself is blocked by the decision of the Ministry of Information.

  • In December 2020, Tut.by was stripped of its media status at the request of the Ministry of Information.

    The basis was the previously issued warnings regarding the materials on the holding of the presidential elections, the activities of the State Control Committee, the Belarusian customs, etc.

  • In the evening of June 27, the portal deleted all posts from social networks over the past year and a half.

  • On August 13, the Court of the Central District of Minsk recognized the information products and social networks Tut.by and the new project of Tut fighters Zerkalo.io as extremist.

  • On October 7, the Investigative Committee reported on a new criminal case against Tut fighters - for inciting enmity committed by a group of individuals (Part 3, Article 130).

    They face up to 12 years in prison.