The Pechersk Court ordered the president of the Ukrainian Football Association and former deputy of the People's Republic of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko to be arrested.

However, the head of the UAF is at large again.

This is reported in the story of TSN at 19:30 on November 29, 2022.

Pavelko has the right to make a deposit in the amount of 9 million 880 thousand hryvnias.

The day before, in the Pecherskyi court of the capital, the Pavelkovs were chosen and a preventive measure was chosen.

The former people's deputy and chairman of the budget committee came to the meeting with support.

In addition to lawyers, Pavelek was accompanied by the officials of the Ukrainian Football Association subordinate to him: famous football players in Soviet times Oleg Blokhin, Ihor Belanov, Oleksiy Mykhailychenko and Anatoly Demyanenko.

Even before the hearing of the case began, and in accordance with the announcement of the court's verdict, they wanted to take the chief suspected of corruption on bail.

Today, a preventive measure was chosen for him in the procedure for the purchase of equipment for the construction of football fields.

The investigation believes that when paying for the machines, UAF overpaid a laying company from the Emirates by one million euros.

The meeting lasted several hours, after which the judge announced the decision - arrest until January 22, or a bail of almost ten million hryvnias.

Pavelka's subordinate, General Secretary of the UAF Yuriy Zapisotskyi, received a similar preventive measure in this same case yesterday.

He spent the night in the Lukyanivskyi SIZO, and in the morning bail was posted for him.

Ten million was also paid for Andrii Pavelko by the evening, so he will spend the night in his mother's country house, with hundreds of pairs of shoes and a leather mannequin with an eagle's head.

We will remind you that the Pechersk Court of Kyiv was supposed to choose a preventive measure against UAF President Andriy Pavelko and General Secretary Yuriy Zapisotsky on November 25.

But "surprisingly" it became known about the mining of the court building.

At the end of October 2022, the house of the UAF president was searched.

TSN journalists received a video of investigative actions.

The footage shows the scale with which the football functionary lives.

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