On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture

Chiang Mai University organizes the 10th Northern Agricultural Fair between 1-12 December at Mae Hia Agricultural Demonstration and Training Center.

Faculty of Agriculture

Chiang Mai University

Interesting activities divided into 6 zones...1. Agricultural Innovation for Sustainability

Exhibiting modern innovations in agriculture

Both in the business of agricultural machinery equipment

Smart Greenhouse Systems, IoT and Digital Systems, Biogas, Seeds, and Agrochemical Businesses...2.“Kin, Bin, Finn” Agrotourism Miracle

It consists of agricultural tourism activities.

Top restaurant booths and balloon displays

3. Innovative seedlings and demonstration plots of agricultural machinery

There is an exhibition showing the process.

methods and methods for producing safe vegetables

New Theory Agricultural Demonstration Plot...

4. Miracle flora

Exhibit products about gardening and plants that are of interest.

Including various types of plant contests

5. Land of happy farms

Animal science exhibitions, pets, distribution of aquatic animals, poultry, exotic animals flea market

And the contest area for dogs, poultry, beautiful fish... 6. Academic discussion

In the agency building in Rai Mae Hia

and Gala Dinner on the topic of Mega Trend in Future Food at Royal Park Rajapruek

There are also interesting activities such as more than 20 short-term vocational training courses, coffee innovation activities to be toured at the Coffee Day event, and cheering for contestants in the Latte Art Smackdown activity, as well as the competition activities of students

For more information, please call 0-5394-4001, 0-5394-4078, 08-3947-3214, 09-4619-9315 and online.

https://www.facebook.com/northernagricmuexpo/ and https://northern-agricmu-expo.com