The "golden era" of Great Britain's relations with China is over.

APA reports with reference to BBC that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said this.

He noted that he promised to strengthen his country's position against China.

In his first speech in the field of foreign policy, Rishi Sunak stressed that the close economic relations that existed in the previous decades were naive, and that the British government should correctly assess the processes taking place around it and consider relations with competitors more realistically.

He also expressed his fear of a "cold war" and emphasized that China's global importance cannot be ignored.

"We recognize that the more China moves towards an authoritarian regime, the more acute its threats to our values ​​and interests become," Sunak added.

He also emphasized that the idea that "expansion of trade relations with western countries will lead to political reforms in China" sounds quite naive and therefore the "golden era" of British-Chinese relations is over.