Possible candidates for the Democratic Progressive Party chairman by-election

The Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will elect Chen Qimai as acting chairman

[Reporters Chen Yun, Wei Jinyun, Cai Zongxian/Comprehensive Report] The Democratic Progressive Party was defeated in the 9-in-1 election. President Tsai Ing-wen resigned as party chairman last Saturday. The Central Committee will elect Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai as acting chairman and set up a general election review team.

Regarding the by-election of the official party chairman, it is understood that the new trend, the regular congress and the British faction have gradually focused. Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan, former Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong and former Secretary-General of the Presidential Office Su Jiaquan are the most likely candidates for the party leadership. Coordination and co-push are not ruled out.

In addition, Vice President Lai Qingde, who is expected to run in the 2024 election, has also been persuaded by many parties. The Lai camp is still consolidating the opinions of all parties and will not finalize the decision so quickly.

The Lai camp is still consolidating the opinions of all parties

It is understood that before Tsai Ing-wen resigned as the party chairman last Saturday, she called a meeting of high-level party and government leaders to the official residence to discuss the issue of resignation. In addition to deciding to jointly push forward Chen Qimai as the acting chairman, the participants also proposed that the faction jointly select the new party chairman, and the faction jointly select the new party chairman. Governance, to avoid internal rift caused by the election of party leaders, but the proposal is still for further discussion.

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According to people familiar with the matter, the new trend, the National Congress and the British Department have gradually focused on candidates who may run for the party leader. Pan Mengan, Lin Jialong and Su Jiaquan are the most likely candidates respectively; In charge of the 2024 presidential nomination, Lai Qingde is the most prestigious in the party at present, and Pan Mengan, who is close to Lai, will take over as the successor, which will be beneficial to the follow-up layout, but there are many voices to persuade Lai to go directly to the battle.

New party leader to preside over 2024 nomination

It is understood that the party that persuaded Lai to be the chairman of the party believes that Lai's direct control of party affairs is beneficial to the overall layout of the 2024 presidential election; the opponent argues that the 2024 presidential election will not only involve regional legislators and non-regional legislators Nomination, the new party leader will face many twists and turns, which may hurt Lai's reputation, and it is not suitable for the current vice president.

People close to him said that the proposals and possibilities of various parties are still being consolidated, and the decision will not be finalized so soon.

People familiar with the matter analyzed that although Lin Jialong’s performance in running for the mayor of New Taipei City was not satisfactory, the overall defeat of the DPP this time could not be blamed on a single candidate. Lin is an important figure in the Mesozoic generation of the DPP. If the Democratic Progressive Party is in charge and helps win the 2024 presidential election, it will be a more appropriate layout for a higher level.

It is understood that among the current options for the British party to run for party leader, former vice president Chen Chien-jen is still young in the party, and Chen Qimai must concentrate on Kaohsiung municipal administration. Su Jiaquan's competition is the most likely development.

However, people from the British family said that after the defeat, there was no discussion on the candidate for the party leader. It is usually a relatively natural development for those who are aspiring to the presidency to send an agent to compete for the party leader. Cooperation is the only way to win in the 2024 election.

Regarding the issue of running for the party leader, Lin Jialong's office stated yesterday that candidates are very important, but the system and process of selecting candidates are more important. The DPP has no capital to let the people down again. Thoroughly reflect.

As for Pan Mengan, who is currently visiting Japan, he expressed through his staff that he hopes that the future party chairman will continue to lead the DPP forward and protect the value of Taiwan. Changzhou Chunmi.