During the meeting in Romania, the foreign ministers confirmed NATO's support for Ukraine's right to choose its own path and assured that "the Alliance's doors are open" for Ukraine. 

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a speech to journalists on the sidelines of the forum in Bucharest.


We recognize and respect Ukraine's aspirations for membership.

We are discussing how to further strengthen our partnership with Ukraine, as well as help it move towards NATO membership. NATO Allies reiterated their decision made here in Bucharest to join NATO in 2008. And we have also demonstrated

that NATO's door is open. We have demonstrated this in recent years by

inviting North Macedonia and Montenegro to join. And also by inviting Finland and Sweden," he noted.

Stoltenberg emphasized that the most important focus for Ukraine now is the provision of immediate assistance for territorial defense, as well as for the repair of the destroyed energy infrastructure due to Russia's attack.

"Regarding Ukraine, we are discussing how we can continue to strengthen the political partnership that is lacking for membership. And there are different ways to achieve this, including meeting more often, having more in-depth discussions, and looking for different ways to expand our political partnership. Second - now we are increasing practical assistance. It is also important because we provide Ukraine

with fuel, generators and many other things. 

Political and practical assistance go hand in hand as we see how to further strengthen Ukraine's potential by helping it in this transition period from the Soviet era to NATO standards. Therefore, it helps Ukraine move on the path to NATO," he added.

We will remind you that military expert Petro Chernyk believes that NATO will enter the war in Ukraine under conditions of colossal precedents.

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