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The saviors of 12-year-old Alexander, who touched the whole of Bulgaria, became saviors in Pernik and the region.

Veselin Georgiev and Milko Mikhalkov told BTV that they enter the new challenge without asking for anything in return, and their motivation is the feeling that they are useful.

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Our mayor is great!

With the support of the municipality, their disaster and accident unit should be up and running by two.

Volunteers are expected to respond to any situation - fires, earthquakes, searching for people.

With special equipment, skills accumulated over the years, on foot and even from the sky with a superlight plane or hang glider - that's how Vesco and Milko plan to save people and help in crisis situations.

"We will also respond in a wider spectrum, natural disasters, accidents, disasters, fires.

The corresponding trainings will also take place," explained Milko Mikhalkov.

"We have a large availability of equipment - alpine equipment, we are ready to provide everything in terms of knowledge and inventory.

You have to be more or less an adrenaline junkie and you have to want to do this thing," added Veselin Georgiev.


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