Taiwanese men kill horses and Chinese women tell lies

[Reporters Wang Guanren, Dong Guanyi/Taipei Report] The Malaysian female college student surnamed Cai who was strangled to death by Chen Baiyan, her friend surnamed Liu stated in court that Cai said that Chen Nan was "foot control", and the prosecution also found that Chen Nan had Search the Internet for articles such as "killing my girlfriend to save her and become a Buddha". Xu Huafu, director of international affairs and professor of the Department of Crime Prevention and Control of National Chung Cheng University, pointed out that according to the current news and information, Chen Nan used the virtual network to establish a relationship foundation, which shows that he has deep feelings in his heart. A certain degree of negative thoughts, frustration, inability to ask for help in a timely manner, and the possibility of not being able to deal with interpersonal relationships in a mature and correct way, coupled with misunderstandings about religion, will repeatedly commit felony homicide.

Misunderstanding religion and committing felony homicide

Xu believes that Chen may be introverted and not good at talking and expressing his thoughts, but he can read Buddhist scriptures and search for relevant information on the massacre through the Internet. It can be seen that he is used to finding answers through the Internet and is a heavy Internet user.

However, the information on the Internet is true and false, and his long-term immersion in the Internet made him live in a self-enclosed world, which further evolved into a morbid psychology.

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In particular, after Chen was arrested, he repeated his words. It may be that he has combed through a large number of related criminals' arrest confessions, sentencing and other cases on the Internet in the past, and then "applied" to himself.

According to Xu's analysis, when Chen recited Buddhist scriptures on the Internet in the past, it is very likely that he discovered that he had some wrong, incorrect thoughts or behaviors, but he mistakenly believed that as long as he recited Buddhist scriptures and learned Buddhism, he could obtain salvation, liberation, and further hypnosis through the power of religion. I rationalize my various behaviors, but actually go crazy step by step.

Ye Qibin, Director of the Psychiatric Department of the Tri-Service General Hospital, speculates that Chen Nan may have planned the murder based on some beliefs, such as whether he had been involved in religion for a long time, which made him have specific thoughts, or was influenced by past circumstances and the current environment, such as being raped by bad guys. Whether you treat it or not, you will be bored and resentful of life and people in reality, and even want to end your life and lead to another world.

Ye Qibin pointed out that from a psychological point of view, those who have been abused and violently treated have a higher chance of deriving violence against others than ordinary people, so it is necessary to understand the growth environment of the murderer.