Advisor to the Office of the President, Oleksiy Arestovych, commented on the information that Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the "Wagner" PMC, was from the "caste of the downtrodden" in prison.

He believes that the publication of such scandalous information can be beneficial to someone in Russia. 

Arestovych wrote about this on his Telegram channel. 

The advisor of the President's Office noted that the information about the difficult past of the head of PMC "Vagner" could threaten Prigozhin with new problems.

Additional questions may arise for "Putin's cook" among the mercenaries and convicts he recruits for the war against Ukraine.

A loss of authority for Prigozhin could mean a loss of influence in Russia. 

Arestovych noted that it is not yet known whether someone in the Kremlin started a fight with Prigozhin or whether it was simply a "criminal authority" who decided to tell the truth about Putin's terrorist past. 

The advisor of the President's Office noted that the fact that Prigozhin has not yet reacted to the scandal is also interesting. 

A scandalous video about Prigozhin's past 

Russian "criminal authority" Sasha Kurara recorded a video in which he told the sensational past of "Putin's cook" Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Kurara says that Prigozhin, due to the involvement of minors in prostitution, occupied the lowest caste in the prison - the "downcast".

Also, the Russian criminal authority stated that the head of PMK "Wagner" was a "rooster" during his stay in prison, which in prison slang means that he entered into sexual contact with other convicts. 

Kurara urged the prisoners not to join the ranks of the "Wagner" PMC, because in the criminal world receiving orders from the "downcast" is considered humiliating.

"And now you, who go to this "Wagner" PMC, stand under the flag of the pi***s, you are commanded by the pi***s and you equate yourself to the pi***s. Not even what you equate - you become lower , than pi***s... Remember, Zhenya, the rooster is f***ing, how they oppressed you


says Sasha Kurara


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