American actor 

Clarence Hilliard Jr.

, known for his roles in "The Nutcracker" and "The Best Shooter," died on November 28.

The cause of the actor's death was a long illness with which he struggled.

Gilliard Jr. did not live to his 67th birthday by a whole month, writes the Daily Mail.

The actor became popular in the 80s thanks to his participation in famous action films.

So, Gilyard played the role of the hacker Theo in the cult film "Strong Nut", and also played a junior lieutenant on the callsign "Sandown" in "The best shooter" with Tom Cruise.

In addition, Gilyard was remembered for his participation in the drama series "Matlock" - there he played Conrad McMasters. 

However, after successful roles in movies, the actor preferred the work of a teacher.

Clarence devoted the last years of his life to teaching acting at the university. 

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