Due to political reasons, some NATO countries do not transfer weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, our state calls on the Alliance to increase the production of weapons in order to defeat the Russian invaders.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, in an interview with Politico.

According to him, it is necessary to be realistic about the provision of weapons and rely less on unstable partners.

"We have to recognize the fact: there are countries in the world that have what Ukraine needs, but are not going to give it in sufficient quantities for political reasons. Instead of counting on them and spending months to convince them, we need to launch production, so that we do not become dependent on the whims of third countries that have something in warehouses, but they do not want to share it," Dmytro Kuleba emphasized.

He called on NATO to begin as soon as possible to launch additional production of the necessary weapons, so as not to waste time.

Because it directly affects the victory of Ukraine in the war, which was unleashed by the Russian Federation.

"The last time I attended a NATO ministerial meeting, I uttered three words: weapons, weapons and more weapons. This time, while this request remains absolutely urgent, I will refine it by saying that we need air defense, tanks and production lines ", emphasized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

We will remind you that Putin is trying to destroy the Ukrainian gas and energy infrastructure so that Ukrainians cannot receive basic services.

That is why NATO is focused on helping our country.

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