The "Gift for Putin" charitable foundation demands that the Russian embassy in the Czech Republic be cut off from water and electricity supplies. 

This is stated in the petition of the charitable foundation. 

The Czechs point out that Russia is currently attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine, which has led to the fact that millions of Ukrainians are now without electricity and heat. 

"We will give the Russian embassy in Prague a taste of their own soup. We have a petition. We want the electricity and water suppliers to cut off all buildings in Prague that belong to the Russian Federation. Let them also freeze in the dark, like, for example, the people of Kyiv." - the message says.

Dáme russké ambasádě v Praze ochutnat their own polívčička.

We have petitions.

We want energy and water suppliers to disconnect all the buildings in Prague that belong to the Russian Federation.

Ať taky po tmě mrznou, as well as people in Kyiv.

Thanks for subscribing and retweeting.

— Dárek pro Putina (@DarPutinovi) November 29, 2022

Missile strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine 

Since October 10, Russia has launched massive missile attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Only on November 23, Russia fired 70 missiles at Ukraine, of which 51 were shot down. 

The occupiers want to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heat in the winter in order to force the authorities to capitulate and agree to the Kremlin's terms. 

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