DTEK warns that on November 30, schedules will not operate in Kyiv, as emergency blackouts are being introduced due to a shortage of electricity.

This is reported on the official telegram channel "DTEK". 

"On November 30, emergency power outages will be applied again in Kyiv. Stabilization schedules are not yet in effect. We are trying to return to scheduled outages as soon as possible, but according to the situation in the power system, the

information may change several times a day

," the message said.

You can quickly find out about changes in the types of outages on the website of DTEK Kyiv Electric Power Networks and in the chatbot.

What is the situation with light in the capital

On November 23, the Russian army carried out another missile attack on Ukrainian cities, damaging critical infrastructure facilities.

DTEK said that as soon as it is possible to balance the situation with electricity, then the capital will return to disconnection according to schedules.

Thus, the stabilization schedules of power outages in Kyiv on November 29 lasted a little more than an hour, and emergency blackouts were again introduced in the capital.

It should be noted that "DTEK Merezhi", which operates in Kyiv and Odesa region, Dnipropetrovsk region and Donetsk region, announced that they will turn on the light for consumers for 5-6 hours a day.

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