The Security Service of Ukraine, during counter-subversive measures in the front-line areas of the Zaporizhia region, detained an enemy henchman who was correcting Russian missile strikes on the region's

critical infrastructure

This was reported by the SBU press service. 

According to the investigation,

the detainee is an employee of one of the Ukrainian defense factories


At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he was recruited by the special services of the Russian Federation

to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the south of Ukraine.

"First of all, he directed Russian weapons at energy facilities and other facilities of life support systems. It was established that after Russian airstrikes, he went to the area to record the consequences of the "arrivals" and transmit the relevant data to the enemy. The occupiers needed detailed information for further shelling of the city ", the message says.

It is reported that in addition to this, he covertly collected information about the places of temporary bases and the movement of Ukrainian military equipment in the territory of the regional center.

The detainee transmitted information to the aggressor through social networks, including the Telegram channel of the traitor and Kremlin propagandist Rogov.

He came to the attention of the occupiers because of his pro-Russian "activity" in social networks, where he was offered confidential cooperation.

For this, money and a "position" were "guaranteed" in the event of the capture of the region.

During searches of the person's residence, law enforcement officers found a mobile phone and computer equipment with evidence of hidden correspondence with the Russian "curator".

Currently, the detainee has been notified of the suspicion.

The court chose him as a preventive measure in the form of detention.

Traitors of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the SBU and other law enforcement agencies have been identifying traitors who work for the enemy and transmit data, in particular, about the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For example, the SBU recently found a woman who was conducting a video stream on social media

during the

rocket attacks on Lviv region .

And in Transcarpathia, at one of the checkpoints

, a former MIA employee from Bila Tserkva

was detained , who collected secret information about employees of the SBU, ZSU, GUR MO and Azov, and planned to hand it over to Russia.

On November 28, the Security Service of Ukraine detained two Russian agents in Donetsk region who were collecting intelligence on the deployment locations and routes of movement of units of the Defense Forces in the territory of the region, as well as pointing rockets at schools in Sloviansk.

Among those detained is a physics teacher.


in Kherson, law enforcement officers detained traitors

who, during the occupation of the city, joined the Russian occupiers and worked in the so-called "department of the penal service".

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