Chen Boyan was prosecuted for homicide in the life case of a female university in Malaysia, and the prosecutor proposed to increase his sentence.

(File photo) The female college student surnamed Cai has a lively personality, and there are many selfies on IG.

(taken from IG)

Friend: Ms. Cai doesn’t like that Mr. Chen is a foot-controller

[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] A Malaysian college student surnamed Cai was killed by a 30-year-old man, Chen Baiyan. During the investigation by the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office, Cai’s girlfriend testified that Cai’s dislike of Chen Nan was “foot control” and she was still considering whether to agree socialize.

The prosecution also found that a 30-year-old man, Chen Baiyan, had searched the Internet for massacre texts in September, "Kill your girlfriend to save her and become a Buddha." Nine yuan failed, and Cai's neck was strangled to death. The prosecution believed that Chen's confession was inconsistent, and he was prosecuted for homicide. Considering that his surrender was not out of sincere remorse, he suggested that the court increase his sentence.

Inconsistent Confession: Confession is not Repentance

On April 29 this year, Chen Nan got acquainted with Ms. Cai through the social software IG. After the two met for the first time on October 7, he visited Ms. Cai's rental house in Shilin District, Taipei City many times, and learned that Ms. Cai The woman wanted to create her own brand. In the early morning of October 13, she used the "One Card MONEY" to sponsor Cai Nv 99,999 yuan. After dawn, he regretted wanting to get the money back and came to Cai Nv's residence at 10 am. .

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However, because of Cai Nv's refusal to pay back the money, Chen Nan had murderous intentions. He covered Cai Nv's eyes with a doll pillow with one hand, and pinched Cai Nv's neck with the other hand. die.

After committing the crime, Chen Nan drove back to Yingge’s rental house, and sent a message to his family members to express his thoughts of murder. After his family reported the case, he told the police that he was joking and playing a prank, but the police still went to the rental house, and found Chen’s family. Accompanied by his parents, he was appointed by a locksmith to open the door and enter the house.

After the police arrived, Chen Nan blurted out, "I killed someone," and confessed that the victim was Ms. Cai, that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and that the crime took place at Ms. Cai's residence. Death?" "Have you notified the ambulance?" He replied, "Ms. Cai is dead, I dare not commit suicide."

But after he was discharged from the hospital, he was questioned again by the police, but he changed his words and argued that he just wanted to "scare her" but failed.

The medical examiner and the forensic doctor examined the remains and found that the cause of Ms. Cai's death was that she was strangled by Chen Nan, resulting in bruises on both jaws and a fracture of the hyoid bone. The medicine was the same, but Chen Nan didn't take any medicine.

The prosecution also found out that Chen Nan had searched the Internet for massacre texts before committing the crime, including "Kill his girlfriend to save her and become a Buddha", and sent a message to his father saying "Actually, I want to kill Lin ○○" (referring to another woman surnamed Lin ); In addition, according to the testimony of Cai's girlfriend, Cai does not like Chen Nan's "foot control" and is still considering whether to agree to a relationship.

The investigation concluded that Chen Nan once said to the police, "I killed someone", but changed his claim that he only wanted to "scare her" before he missed. The confession before and after was inconsistent, and he was prosecuted for homicide, and asked the court to consider that his surrender was not an accident. Yu sincerely repented, and also caused Cai's family members a huge pain that could not be repaired in their lifetime, and they were severely punished.

The court will decide whether Chen Nan should continue to be detained or be released on bail.

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