New Delhi:

The Chinese government is now considering relaxing the zero-covid policy imposed in the country for the past several months.

Such indications have also been given by the government.

According to the information being received, this decision of the government has been taken in view of the protests taking place across the country against this policy.

In the last few days, there has been a fierce protest against this policy in big cities of China, including cities like Beijing, Shanghai.

During these demonstrations, the general public even demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

On the matter of relaxing these restrictions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lejon said that we are currently adjusting it with the changing situation. 

A few days ago, there were reports that Chinese officials are now debating whether the quarantine period for travelers coming into the country should be reduced or not.Bloomberg According to, the people associated with this matter said that due to the country's zero covid policy, China is getting cut off from the rest of the world.

The Chinese authorities are now planning to reduce the quarantine period to two days at the hotel and then five days at home upon reaching China.

At present, 10 days of isolation is necessary for passengers arriving in China from foreign travel.

In this, 7 days have to be spent in the hotel room and then three days at home.

Even at home, those people are monitored and regular tests are done. 

At the moment it is not clear what restrictions will apply to the time of isolation given at home and how it will be applied to foreign travelers who do not have a home in China.

With this step, there is a possibility of issuing new Kovid protocols of the country.

Officials in China work according to these protocols when virus cases increase.

The National Health Commission, which is responsible for these protocols, has declined to comment at this time.  

This discussion was taking place at a time when investors are seeing how much damage is being caused to China's economy by its zero covid policy.

China is constantly trying to control the virus while the rest of the world has almost learned to live with it. 

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