South Korean soccer number 9

" became a hot search term during the 2022 World Cup when South Korean striker

Cho Gyu Song

appeared on the pitch for Group H against Uruguay.

Even if it's not a long time

But his handsome appearance is comparable to the hero of the series, with a height of 188 centimeters, causing the hashtag

#ChoGueSung trend

on Twitter.

Cho Gyu Sung

is not just viral.

Because recently, he is an important star who scored 2 goals, causing the South Korean national team to equalize with the Ghana national team.

rekindle the hope of victory

Although in the end South Korea will lose unfortunately.

But one thing that cannot be denied is that

Cho Gyu Sung

has become a football player who is talked about.

as well as getting on the pedestal of the girls' favorite oppa

all over the world already

Biography of "Cho Gue Sung", South Korean soccer player number 9, so handsome that he became viral.

Cho Gyu Sung

(조규성) was born on January 25, 1998 in Gyeonggi.

South Korea

He is currently a South Korean number 9 player, playing in the forward position.

By the time he was studying at Gwangju University

He plays football as a defensive midfielder.

But the coach saw that he was not suitable for this position.

causing the work to come out not very well

therefore changed to play in the forward position instead

In 2019, Cho Gyu Sung joined FC Anyang Youth Club in the K League 2 and became the 3rd top scorer that season, marking his first professional league debut.

Before later moving on to play for professional football club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors) in K League 1.

During Cho Gyu Sung playing for Jeonbuk University

He had to prove himself a lot.

But it's still not the most glorious moment.

It wasn't until 2021 that he enlisted in the national service and played for the Gimcheon Sangmu Army Club team. for the Jeonbuk club

And successfully led the team to win the FA Cup 2022

Cho Gyu Song

's outstanding abilities 

earned him a call-up to the South Korean national team in November 2021, as well as participating in the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

Made a memorable image as a handsome striker who scored 2 goals despite eventually losing to Ghana in the group stage.

Open the IG warp of "Cho Gyu Sung", a Korean footballer who loves girls.

Cho Gyu-sung

's Instagram account (IG) 



" currently has 1.3 million followers. The World Cup 2022 just overnight saw the number of followers increase by hundreds of thousands.

It can be said that the world-class birth notification of "

Cho Gyu Sung

", the number 9 South Korean player this time, is not only because of his looks and handsomeness.

But because of the pace and the header to score a goal for the home team beautifully

Considered a footballer from Asia who should follow his work for a long time.