Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to the President's Office, said that Ukraine was preparing for large-scale missile attacks.

Russian bombers circled in the airspace for more than 4 hours. 

He said this on November 29 in a comment to Russian human rights defender Mark Feigin. 

Arestovych noted that Ukraine was expecting a new massive missile attack on the energy infrastructure today, but this has not yet happened. 

"An alarm was announced today, but it was quickly canceled. Today, their planes were in the air for more than 4.5 hours. We expected strikes, but there were none. There could have been training flights, there could have been anti-aircraft detection. Today, many people wondered why this happened. They could to train and at the same time to detect air defense systems. Because they are very unhappy that out of 90 missiles, 70 are shot down," said Arestovych. 

Massive missile attacks on Ukraine 

Russian terrorists have been massively shelling Ukraine with missiles since October 10.

The occupiers are trying to destroy our energy infrastructure in order to leave Ukrainians without heat and electricity.

Only on November 23, Russia launched 70 missiles at Ukraine, of which 51 were shot down.

The Russians damaged our energy infrastructure and killed civilians in Kyiv and Vyshgorod. 

The WHO predicts that another 2-3 million Ukrainians will be forced to leave their homes due to Russian missile attacks.

Also, a surge in respiratory diseases and the threat of mental disorders are predicted in Ukraine.

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