Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin, who is called "Putin's cook" and also the owner of "Wagner" PMC, is again recruiting prisoners in the colonies.

But this time not in Russia, but in the distant Central African Republic. 

This is reported by "The Daily Beast".

In the CAR, various armed groups have been fighting against the central government and have controlled a large part of the country for about a decade.

Instead, since 2018, the Russian Federation has been sending its military instructors and mercenaries of the "Wagner" PMC to the Central African Republic to help the government troops.

According to the newspaper's sources, dozens of men detained by the military and police for crimes such as rape and murder are now being recruited into the local Wagner wing, which includes hundreds of fighters.

They are usually called "Black Russians". 

"Since October, they (the "Wagners") have been entering military and police cells and releasing rebels. No one can stop them, because the government has given them the authority to act as they want," says a military officer from Bangui, the capital of the CAR.

"They (the Wagnerians") said that they urgently need labor in Mali and in Ukraine... I think that more than 20 people who we detained (for very serious crimes. - Ed.) were released," - adds another an officer from the CAR.

Many of the CAR's criminals, including militants accused of harming, raping and killing civilians, are held in military and police cells, rather than in understaffed and poorly guarded regular prisons.

Among the prisoners freed by Russian mercenaries is a notorious fighter from the rebel group "Union for Peace" (UPC), known to his colleagues as Mohammed.

The released rebel fighter is believed to have taken part in the May attack on the village of Bokolobo in southern CAR, which killed 10 civilians.

Mohammed and four others accused of raping and killing civilians in Bokolobo

The prisoner allegedly joined the local "Wagner" unit at the end of October and is now one of dozens of "black Russians" who were allegedly sent to Ukraine.

Prigozhin's army of convicts

Earlier, a video appeared on the Internet, where Yevgeny Prigozhin recruits Russian recidivists, rapists and other prisoners in one of the colonies for the war in Ukraine.

The oligarch took everyone to the ranks of the PVC.

In particular, he recruited a cannibal maniac for the war against Ukraine.

Prigozhin talked to prisoners who fought in Ukraine, lost limbs and "received amnesty".

The oligarch urged them to return to the formation after prosthetics.

One of the prisoners who joined the ranks of "Wagner" told how Prigozhin recruited in the colony and offered to wash away the sins with the blood of Ukrainians.

The publication Middle East Eye reported that Prigozhin was massively recruiting "Wagnerians" abroad with the help of Russian oligarchs.

Russian Telegram channels shared a video of the execution of the recruited convict Yevgeny Nuzhin by the Wagnerites.

In general, the fighters of the "Wagner" PMK executed not only Yevhen Nuzhin, who was exchanged from Ukrainian captivity, but at least 40 participants in the war with Ukraine.

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